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Backpackers can receive a lot of information from the owners of the guesthouse. JAPAN
They also offer special weekend programs that allow foreigners to meet Koreans. Guesthouses offer foreign tourists the opportunity to learn about Korea firsthand and meet new Korean friends.
Guesthouses are inexpensive and are a good way to experience Korean culture and meet other foreign tourists.  Many guesthouses are remodeled family homes  and are nearby downtown areas and tourist destinations. The price for one night is around  20,000 ~ 50,000 won.

Seoul Hostel Center

List of  Hostels and Guesthouses in Seoul City

 Seoul Hostel Center  
 TravelersA Korea Hostel
 Seoul Hostel 

 Seoul Backpackers  

 : www.seoulhostelcenter.com  
 : www.travelersa.com
 : www.seoulhostel.net

  Bukchon Guesthouse
  Yim's House
  Korea Guesthouse Travelers
  An-guk Guesthouse
  Guesthouse Korea
  Tea Guesthouse
  Kim's Guesthouse
  Myeong Dong Guest House
  Seoul Guesthouse
  Namsan Guesthouse
  Carpe Diem
  Stay Korea

 :  www.bukchon72.com 
 :  www.seoulbusinesshotel.com
 :  www.travelersa.com
 :  www.anguk-house.com
 :  www.guesthouseinkorea.com
 :  www.teaguesthouse.com
 :  www.kimsguesthouse.com
 :  www.mdguesthouse.com
 :  www.seoulguesthouse.net
 :  www.namsanguesthouse.com
 :  www.carpediemkorea.com
 :  www.staykorea.co.kr


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